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Featured Keynotes, 2022

Johanna Rothman
Speaker, Author
Linda Aspey
Climate activist, Coach, Facilitator
Aanu Gopald
Speaker, CEO, Community Activist
Tamsin Woolley-Barker
Speaker, Author, CEO

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Track Leads, 2022

Ines Garcia
Author, Speaker, Organizer
Dustin Thostenson
Technical Coach, Track Lead - Sustainability
Helen Garcia
Agile Coach, Organizer
Greg Mester
Agile Cheerleader and Coach, Track Lead - Happiness
Faye Thompson
Agile Coach, Track Lead - Tools
Vasco Duarte
Podcast host, Track Lead - Live Sessions



  • HAPPINESS TRACK: Sharing from Coaches, Scrum Masters and thought Leaders on how they have worked to bring in Happiness into their Teams and Organizations and the benefits of doing so as it affects productivity, people retention, customer impact and overhaul fun that can come from working with others. Also including the combination of work in the office (including hybrid and remote) and time outside work to bring happiness as a whole for people.
  • TOOLS TRACK: To be better equipped in the environment we operate includes evolving our toolbox. From how to handle complexity to the power of visualization, not forgetting tools for agile financing, whilst still supporting the time to pause and improve.
  • SUSTAINABILITY TRACK: This track will explore how to embed everlasting practices. Aspects for sustainability may be Simple, Safe, Satisfying, Symbiotic and not Static. Leaving the ‘place’ better than how we found it, that's Product, People & Planet. Sessions will be 20 min long and will focus on how to regenerate over the long run.
  • ​LIVE TRACK: In this track, we will host live sessions. Live sessions can be short (45-50min) workshops, talks with Q&A (the talk should not last more than 20min), networking sessions (e.g. Lean Coffee, or other format). Live sessions will take place on the time schedule during the week of the Summit, and will have limited attendance.

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Full program

Track: Sustainability, with Dustin Thostenson

Day 1 - Nov 2nd

Chris Garvey: Am I built for change? (making agility personal)

Get insight into what it means to bring agility into your being. Reflect on how agile and "built for change" you are now. And get some practical next-steps on how to grow your personal agility. 

Jariatu Mansaray: Selflessly Selfish

Learn key ways to show up better for others by putting yourself first

Diane Zajac: Sustaining Your Self-Esteem in the Face of Resistance

You’ve been learning about agile and new ways of working and you reach a point of, “This is great! This is SO HARD!” The excitement of changing the world meets the reality of corporate bureaucracy. How do you sustain your self-esteem in the face of this resistance?

Tara Scott: Our Working Ecosystems - Change Your Behavior and Change Your World 

Learn how to build awareness around your own behavior and how it impacts relationships, innovation, and your organization's culture.

Day 2 - Nov 3rd

Miika Into: The Sustainagility Manifesto

How might we scale agile to a new horizon and a better future for all? You’ll learn about a handy model to understand where an organization is in its Sustainagility maturity journey and what 5 core accelerators we can influence to enable better value – for all. Let’s scale agility to the next level!

Mats Kempe: How four letters can help agile teams become more sustainable

Learn a simple formula to help your agile team to a more sustainable backlog

Ramanathan Yegyanarayanan: 5 Leadership styles 

Learn to choose the right leadership strategy for you!

Barrie Brewer: Leadership Competency - An Agile Approach

Have you ever wondered why LEADERS in our immediate orbits don't fully embrace agile principles and practices?

Day 3 - Nov 4th

Jutta Eckstein: Let’s get more – social, environmental, and economic – sustainable based on data! Here is how!

Understand how Agile and Sustainability connect. By exploring, learn how to find out how your agile team implements sustainability and what possible next steps your team can take.

David Müßig:  Fighting climate change with help of agile

(1) insights into a usually unknown industry (2) examples for thinking beyond the usual boundaries of software development

Track: Tools, with Faye Thompson

Day 1 - Nov 2nd

Ritika Singh: From Agile coach’s tools to implementation 

Learn about an Agile coach's journey when joining a new organisation or working with new teams. You will hear about some real life experiences and learnings.

Josh Ether:  Downloading vs Executing your Agile Mindset

Agile isn’t a set of tools you download off the internet, but how you install and execute the download. Self Mastery will take an iterative approach, applying ideas, practicing tools, asking and implementing change from feedback.

Fadi Stephan: 6 Tips for Effective Product Backlog Refinement

Learn about new tools, techniques, and templates to help conduct effective Product Backlog Refinement sessions

Michael Huynh: Adjusting the value dials to tune in the priorities 

Learn how to tune in what your organisation values to prioritise what really matters in this prioritisation framework. Giving you the tool to do this for your organisation.

Day 2 - Nov 3rd

Bevan Williams: Your Brain is Sabotaging Your Ability to Give Good Feedback!

Learn what sabotages our feedback attempts and what you can do to prevent it!

Peter Zylka-Greger: Toilet paper & Co. - fostering Psychological Safety in a different way

The audience will learn how psychological safety is not a one and done thing, but something that requires continuous attention. And often times it does not require any magical workshops, but smaller things that do not have "psychological safety" written all over them.

Colleen Johnson: Death of the Product Roadmap

Simple ways to respond to your changing customers needs without wasting time over planning.

Fred Deichler : Radiate Information through Jira Automation

Learn how you can utilize Jira automations so smooth out your flow.

Day 3 - Nov 4th

Dustin Johnson:  Value Stream Capitalization (Death to Timesheets)

You will learn how invest in your companies future by capitalizing more peoples time with burdening them with time sheets. 

Track: Happiness, with Greg Mester

Day 1 - Nov 2nd

Anaïs-Luna Balsells: This simple formula will help you succeed at work (and life)

Do you struggle to connect with people remote? Do you want to understand what makes you happy? Why it is that people feel low and other day full of energy? Do you believe that understanding how humans behave is the first step to solving any problem? Then this talk is for you.

Matthias Minsel: How mindfulness can save your ass

How mindfulness and agility go together. You'll learn two of the easiest mindfulness techniques in the world and try one out for yourself. How you can effortlessly integrate mindfulness into your life and bring it to your team.

Gabriele Ciminelli: There is no such thing as happiness, but there is this!

A chance to overcome what prevents you from being you, leaving you with a tremendous energy to act on different dimension.

Aaron Upright: Understanding the Connection Between Developer Happiness and Productivity

We recently released the 2022 Software Developer Happiness survey report, the industry’s first research report focusing on the priorities, goals, and challenges of software developers. These are critical insights for any agile coach or scrum master that needs to motivate their software developers.

Day 2 - Nov 3rd

Gilberto Urueta: 
The pursuit of happiness: Embracing Ambiguity

During this session we will discuss how by embracing ambiguity, you could detect opportunities that were not there before, increase your creativity and at the end enjoy a little bit more of what you do.

Aoife O'Brien: 3 ways to be happier at work today

Driving happiness at work through needs satisfaction

Greg Ryder: Lessons from Courtside

Bringing a different lens on how to coach / bring out the best in people

Florence Olumodimu: Making Impact as a Thought Leader

Hands-on-session with tips that the audience can go away to practice immediately.

Day 3 - Nov 4th

Dave Westgarth How to theme your retros

Fresh ideas and pproaches to drive engagement and continuous improvement in your retrospective sessions

Nicole Wilker: Your Must Have Agile Skills (that you already have)

Thinking points to start you down the path of what additional skills you have to draw from. Ways you can expand your own abilities in directions you want and need. Reminder to draw from your own past to make your present and future self amazing.

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